WWSOD Bermuda Celebration Tifway 419 in Florida

WWSOD & Equipment Company now offers Bermuda grass CELEBRATION and TIFWAY 419! We grow healthy, well maintained and top quality grass to help golf course managers and course owners show off their beautiful community properties.

Tifway bermudagrass is a highly disease-resistant selection with a very dark green color. As a consequence, it maintains a desirable green color longer and with less nitrogen than most other selections. Its fine leaves, stiffer than Tifgreen, make it inferior to Tifgreen for putting greens, but superior for tees and fairways where greater stiffness gives the ball a better lie. Tifway starts growth earlier in the spring than most bermudagrass. It is also more frost resistant and will, therefore, remain green later into the fall. Tifway is more tolerant of golf cart traffic than common or Tifgreen, but is less tolerant than Tiflawn. It is more resistant than Tifgreen to sod webworm and mole cricket attacks. Tifway makes a very dense sod and is more weed resistant than most bermudagrasses. It will also tolerate heavier concentrations of 2,4-D than Tifgreen. Tifway has short seed stalks that bear heads with light reddish anthers. Like other similar hybrids, it sheds no pollen — a desirable trait for people allergic to bermudagrass pollen. Since Tifway never produces seed, it must be propagated by planting sprigs.

Tifway is well-adapted throughout the southern United States and will do well where common bermudagrass will grow. Although it has survived moderate winters as far north as Beltsville, Maryland, it suffers a greater loss of stand and is less winter hardy than Tifgreen.. “University of Georgia”

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