Turf Equipment Shortage: Post-Pandemic Disruptions

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With the world facing the after-effects of 2020 & 2021, an increase in delays and disruptions to the turf industry has surpassed anything we’ve seen before. In many instances, placing an equipment order today may mean an equipment package arrives 4-6 months from now. This type of delay is far greater than anything we’ve ever seen! 

WWSOD has provided our customers with pre-owned turf equipment at a reasonable arrival time for many years. However, the pandemic (and its after-effects) have increased delays in our equipment arrival times. 

You might have seen the news of container ships stuck outside of Los Angeles or heard about John Deere’s recent issues. All summed up; supply is not meeting demand. Eventually, the supply chains will catch up to the demand in the market, however, we may be many months away from this. 

With that said, we will continue to do everything possible to provide our customers with the best selection of Pre-Owned golf courses and resort equipment. 

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