The Need for a Golf Utility Vehicle

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Large areas of land need maintenance, especially areas like parks and golf courses. Without this maintenance the lands would become unkempt and less appealing to those that frequent them. Golf is more than a sport. Players go to the course almost as a form of meditation. It combines a physical activity, mental activity, and outdoor activity, all while being surrounded by pristine landscapes, perfectly designed. 

It should come as no surprise then that getting around these kinds of plots of land is easier with the right vehicle than just by hand. Thankfully the days of walking miles on end have ended. The only problem now is choosing the right equipment. Buying a fleet of golf carts to meet your maintenance needs won’t cut it. Crews in golf courses, parks, or construction sites need more power and versatility than that. 

In this article you can find the right information regarding utility vehicles. Condensed and without fluff so you can choose which one is right for you. WWSOD takes it a step further. We have years of experience meeting the needs of our customers in choosing all types of equipment for all types of needs. We provide a wide range of quality, pre-owned, turf equipment at low-rates. That way you won’t need to break the bank to meet your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you select the utility vehicle you’re looking for. 

Light Duty Electric/Gas Utility Vehicle 

For light duty work, there are three big names to consider when looking for a utility vehicle. These are the Toro GTX and Club Car Carryall 300. Both these models come equipped with the power, suspension, and versatility you need. Both come with a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. Customers can also choose between electric and gas powered vehicles.

Midsize Gas Utility Vehicle

Mid-Sized vehicles to consider for your needs should be the Club Car Carryall 500 and the Toro MDX. The Club Car comes with some of the features of its light duty cousin. These features include a towing capacity of 1,500lb. Similar suspension and steering. And, the ability to choose between Gas and electric. The Carryall 500 comes with a payload capacity of 800lb. All-in-all it’s a step up in size and power from the smaller 300 series. The Toro MDX comes with a standard gas powered engine capable of delivering a top speed of 20mph. A lowered towing capacity of 1,200lb but an increased payload of 1,650lb. 

Full Sized Gas Vehicle

For full-sized vehicles Toro offers the best. Their Workman HD and HDX models are top of the line. Their beds can carry over 3,000lb of payload, that’s a big step up from the smaller models. They have a 32 hp engine, gas and diesel powered models, and 2WD as well as 4WD. These vehicles are highly accesorizable for all sorts of needs. Like hauling heavy cargo (rocks, pebbles, gravel, grass) or spraying needs (available accessory). 

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