The Best High Performance Fairway Mowers for your Golf Course

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Fairway mowers are something golf course superintendents throughout the world know they cannot skimp on. Precision cuts, reliability, and after-cut appearance are what you should be looking for and what you can expect from WWSOD’s pre-owned fairway mowers. Golfers love a well-kept and well-cut fairway, and they can distinguish between a superior fairway and one with lower standards. Choosing the right fairway mower is something golf course superintendents always keep an eye on.

We’ve compiled a list of the best high-performance fairway mowers on the market. These mowers combine accurately engineered designs that precisely trim and give a great look to your grounds.


Toro Reelmaster® Series

Toro offers an impressive range of fairway mowers designed for every need and golf course while still meeting the same high-quality stands that folks have come to expect from their turf equipment. Their Reelmaster® Series comes with 6 available options.

5 of the options have high-powered diesel engines and one comes with a hybrid diesel-battery engine. Their line of fairway mowers ranges from 75 inches to 121 inches of cutting width. Their 72″-85″ Reelmaster® 3100-D Mower is flexible in its width parameters. In terms of power, all of the Reelmaster® Series mowers come with powerful engines. The 3100-D Mower, the 3550, 3555, and 5010-Hybrid come with 24.8hp engines. The standard 5010 and the 7000 pack more punch. And, in terms of flexibility, the 3100-D Mower and its sister 82″ Reelmaster® 3550 Mower come with a 3 wheelbase, while the wider versions come with variable 2WD or AWD options. Customers of Toro love their accessory base. Sometimes their lightweight vs. heavyweight turf equipment has a big discrepancy when it comes to accessorizing, but that is not the case with their fairway mowers. Their smallest mower, 3100-D, and their biggest mower, the 7000 can both be equipped with many of the same accessories.

In addition to the traction unit highlights noted above, all of Toro’s Reelmaster Series mowers come with the Toro DPA (Dual Point Adjustment) cutting units. This feature of the cutting units helps the equipment manager set the cutting unit up with precision, but also great efficiency. The DPA cutting unit is first in class and the only type of cutting unit on the market.


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