Selecting the Right Greens Roller for Your Putting Greens

Rolling putting surfaces is a management practice that has been around for several years, but has become increasingly popular recently. As the demand for faster and smoother putting surfaces increases, golf course superintendents are receiving more and more pressure to meet these higher expectations. Along with various agronomic practices, rolling has become a very popular practice to help increase speed, increase firmness, and produce a smooth rolling putting surface. As with all other turfgrass maintenance equipment, the options seem endless when it comes to selecting the correct greens roller.

Ultimately, there are two types of greens rollers used for daily maintenance – Dual-Drive Drum Rollers and Speed Rollers. At times, superintendents may use heavy, one-ton asphalt rollers, but those are not normally used for daily setup.

In this article we will break down the differences between a dual-drive drum roller and a speed roller.

Dual-Drive Drum Roller

A dual-drive drum roller is typically heavier than the speed roller and a bit slower to operate. However, with its dual drum drive design, it maneuvers on steep slopes much better than a speed roller with little to no turf damage. Also, with its heavier weight and increased ground pressure, it helps firm up putting surfaces if needed. A great example of a dual-drive drum roller is the Salsco HP11. This roller has been a staple in golf course maintenance operations for years. We have many of these in stock to choose from. View inventory. 

Speed Roller

The speed roller is a great option for daily rolling. These rollers typically are lighter and faster to operate than the dual-drive drum roller. Because of its lightweight design, superintendents can comfortably roll their putting surfaces frequently without worried about any additional compaction. However, since these rollers are not dual drive, they may cause issues on extremely undulated or sloped putting surfaces. Operators must take into account the slopes before operating these rollers as they can potentially cause unwanted bruising to the turf if the rollers spin out on the putting surfaces. A common speed roller is the Toro Greenspro 1240 or 1260 roller. These rollers can be towed behind any utility vehicle. We also have many Toro Greenspro rollers in stock to choose from. View inventory

With the increasing demand in golf and overall course conditions, rolling putting surfaces frequently has been a practice put into operation by nearly every golf course superintendent. Having the correct greens roller is key in making this practice a success.

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