Proper Fuel Handling Tips

When Your Equipment Is Out Of Gas, Don’t Spill When You Fill.

Gas powered mowers and chore performing outdoor power products like leafblowers, tillers and edgers are perfect time-savers for keeping our surroundings neat and green. But when it comes to the simple act of refilling equipment, gas spillage is often overlooked. You may not realize it, but careless refilling leads to spilled gasoline and evaporation, which releases hydrocarbon (HC) emissions into the atmosphere.

In fact fuel spillage and evaporation are responsible for up to one-third of all fuel emissions. Most of it we can prevent.

Don’t leave your fueling habits up in the air. Remember these helpful fuel handling tips:

  • Don’t spill when you fill — use a funnel or non-spill nozzle. And just take a little more time … be a little more careful.
  • Leave room for expansion — fill gasoline containers and power equipment fuel tanks to only three-fourths full, so that tanks don’t overflow from expansion that can result from temperature changes.
  • Tighten gas caps — when fuel cans or power equipment are not being used, tightened caps will prevent evaporation. Also, make sure both gas and oil caps are tight when equipment is tipped over for routine maintenance.
  • Transport and store properly — find a cool place out of direct sunlight to store fuel cans. Also, make sure the vent is tightly closed.
  • Tune up for fuel efficiency — a properly tuned engine helps burn fuel more efficiently, thereby reducing emissions. For mowers, sharp cutting blades and decks cleared of all grass clippings will also enhance engine performance.

There are many ways to be “Earth Wise” when using outdoor power equipment, and responsible handling of fuel is another contribution we can make to help our environment.


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