How to plan to buy your future turf equipment

We’ve all heard the news. There is a shortage of just about everything because of supply-chain
and logistical issues across the country. The downturn caused by the pandemic last year has
rebounded strongly and supply is simply not being met by demand. Even here at WWSOD,
we’re experiencing a shortage of equipment from all suppliers. Heavy-equipment across the
board is experiencing record delays. Recently we wrote an article about this phenomenon and
what it might mean in the short-term. Here are a few tips that’ll help you get your equipment
when you need it.

First, plan out what equipment you might need now and in the future. One of the issues this
supply chain commotion has caused is that new and used equipment is being bought up or
rented very quickly. Contact our team as soon as possible and we can provide
insight and direction on when your desired equipment may be available. Second, be on the
lookout! We’re always updating our Facebook and Youtube channels to update our customers
about what we’ve got in stock. This way if you see something you need, you’ll know we have it
and be prepared!

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Contact us today to see how we can help you beat this shortage. We have a selection of
equipment to meet any need. We have helped hundreds of customers and have years of
experience in providing quality service.


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