Which Bunker Rake is right for you?

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Multi-Benefit Use of Bunker Rakes

A motorized rake, also known as a power rake,  has extensive use both for golf courses as well as other sports and outdoor facilities. Using a manual rake is not only back-breaking but also more inefficient in terms of speed. What you can accomplish in an hour using a manual rake can be done in minutes using a motorized one. 

Motorized rakes are used mostly in Golf Courses to maintain the bunkers, that is the sand pits scattered throughout a course. Though they can be used for any outdoor terrain, like a baseball field’s infield (the clay area), gravel, silt, and chalky soil, and also sandy soil apart from golf bunkers


Small Power Rakes 

Don’t let small power rake’s size fool you, these machines pack a punch and great versatility. Small Power Rakes, like Toro’s Sand Pro®️ 2040Z, offer all the basic necessities. It comes with Zero-Turn power steering, adequate horsepower, and lifting rakes which ease the job. Toro offers many accessories for this and other bunker rakes. Two notable accessories are a mountable shade for protection against the sun and an attachable brush which mounts to the machine’s posterior rake. If you’re looking for a small and versatile machine then this is your choice.


Medium Sized Bunker Rakes

Bigger is better, right? Bunker Rakes like Toro’s Sand Pro®️ 3040Z gives you that extra bit of power and options. Along with the extra built in power it also comes equipped with a ton of other accessories that a 2040Z does not utilize. The 2040Z comes with a rear-attached rake, well the 3040Z comes with a rear-attached rake, a midline rake underneath the carriage, and a front-rake. On top of this, they are all customizable. You can attach different lips, brooms, and rakes to each accessory to best meet your needs. 


Full Sized Rakes

The top of the line Bunker Rake is Toro’s Sand Pro®️ 5040Z series. This model comes with Hydraulic Power Steering, Hydraulic Rakes, and an 18 horsepower engine. It offers the necessary components built in for use in any environment and weather. On top of this it has many of the same great built in features of its counterpart the 3040Z like the front, mid, and rear rake systems. As with the 3040Z it also can be accessorized. Unlike the 3040Z, the 5040Z can also attach a rear hitch to haul around essential tools. 


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